To Our Shareholders

To Be A True Global Supplier Meeting Expectations of and Providing Exciting and Reliable Products to Customers throughout the World


The NICHIRIN Group, as a manufacturer specializing in hoses for automobiles, motorcycles and other products such as hoses for residential use and piping parts, conducts its operations on a global scale with production sites in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China.
We believe that our mission is to correctly identify the needs in rapidly changing times and continuously create and propose new values. Within this framework, “NGS2020” illustrates our vision for the year of 2020 where three areas of reform, “business,” “system” and “human resources” have been identified for our commitment to improve existing products and to develop new.
In addition, we will continue our efforts to enhance the corporate value through responsible activities and social contribution initiatives under the management philosophy, “Contribute to the 21st century with a joyful and trustful manufacturing spirit (Monozukuri) that touches our hearts”
Under the slogan, “In Step with the Future,” all employees of the NICHIRIN Group will work together with the aim to be a true global supplier that meets expectations of customers around the world and continuously provides exciting and reliable products to them.









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