Other Products (For Motorcycle)

Fuel Hose


Low Fuel permeation.
  Excellent fuel oil resistance.
  Excellent fire resistance.
  Excellent pulsation and vibration absorption.
  Thin-FKM tube to be improved cost performance.

Available for Straight hose and Pre-formed hose.


Fuel Hose(Rubber type)


Used for Motorcycle
    Materials: FKM-NBR/ PVA/ ECO
  Used for Personal Watercraft
    Materials: FKM-NBR/ PET/ CSM


Fuel Hose(All Rubber type)


Vapor Hose for fuel system
    Materials: FKM/ ECO
  Used for Small engines and Motorcycle

Materials: FKM-NBR, PVM, CSM



Other Products (For Motorcycle)

 Oil Cooler hose


・Clutch Hose


・Oil Cushion hose


・Oil Cooler hose



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