Air Conditioning Hose

NICHIRIN Air Conditioning Hose

  Low permeation.
  High durability.
  Low moisture permeation.
  Applied to major car manufacturer's specifications.

Available for changing refrigerants including from HFC134a

through to HFO1234yf in the future.


NICHIRIN All Rubber A/C (SAE J2064 Type A Equiv.)



・Highly flexible all-rubber construction.


・Reduces transmissibility of noise and vibration.


・Excellent resistance to heat and moisture ingression.


・Applied to SAE J2064.


・Construction : <EPDM, PET, IIR>

NICHIRIN Veneer A/C (SAE J2064 Type E Equiv.)



・Single braid polyester "Veneer" construction with Polyamide



・EPDM cover for exceptional abrasion, weather and ozone



・Light weight and flexible.


・Applied to SAE J2064.


・Construction <EPDM、PET、IIR、PA>

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